Here is a rundown of the best episodes we’ve seen so far: 10. In the pilot episode of the show, the gang uses an innocent black man to get ahead in their individual goals. The gang learns how he wins over the trust of the girls on his sexual conquests with much success on his part, but not theirs, and that is why it is called the D.

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The Grand Prize winning duet, “The Sound” is the perfect synergy between the seasoned Canadian troubador Matt Epp and the Morocco-born Manitoba-raised 16-year old phenom Faouzia.

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Name: Michael Kalos email Class of: 1989 Now living in: St. 28, 2013 Comments: Out of North Carolina just in time for our first winter in MN. Name: Darryl "Lazlo" Boyle email Class of: 1989 Now living in: Perryville, Maryland Date: March 1, 2012 Comments: If anybody remembers Lazlo, send me a holler. 🙂 Name: Trent Weller email Class of: 1989 Now living in: Gainesville, FL Date: Oct.

The song went to #1 on the Top 20 CBC radio chart in Canada, and it recently earned the SOCAN No.

The Case Of: Jon Benet Ramsey, which will air in three installments totaling six hours, will examine the confounding details of the case just a few months shy of the 20th anniversary of the 6-year-old’s tragic death., reported her missing.On a side note, I’d just like to warn anybody stopping in Des Moines on the Yahtzee tour to AVOID AT ALL COSTS playing against Dr. I’m so glad to see former class-mates sharing their exceptional talents, just the other day I caught John Dimino’s Wham cover band “Public Restroom” perform at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, it was epic.Name: John Dimino Class of: 1989 Now living in: Orlando, FL Date: Feb.24, 2011 Comments: Name: Tami (Rosier) Coates email Class of: 1989 Now living in: Michigan Date: Sept. Name: Kevin Carrasco Class of: 1989 Now living in: Kailua Date: Mar.1, 2010 Comments: I just found this site today and I thought that I would say hello to everyone. Name: Mar Ia Corvaia ODonnell Class of: 1989 Now living in: South Florida Date: Mar. I am a mom of two beautiful kids, boy and girl, a wife with my husband for 14 years, and a lawyer and own my firm. De Pietto Class of: 1989 Now living in: NPR, FL Date: Mar. Walter sweety, I am just so dissappointed by all of this! Name: Kevin Carrasco Class of: 1989 Now living in: Kailua Date: Mar. I was just having the old trench coat power washed. 2, 2009 Comments: I am saddened to report that officer Walt Dipietto was injured in the line of duty this past weekend.For those of you who have not experienced such competitive rapture, it’s kind of like “Cannonball Run”, but a little safer…I mean, except for my beloved pet parakeet Murray being eaten by a hawk somewhere over Nebraska or the mildly violent run in I had with Gary Coleman at a mall parking lot in Van Nuys, CA the trip was an absolute joy. 28, 2009 Comments: Man im hoping Kevin and John open up the reunion with a comedy act. “Cut me some husk” Name: Kevin Carrasco Class of: 89 Now living in: Kailua Date: Feb.