Property tycoons Nick and Christian Candy were accused of an extraordinary campaign of bullying, blackmail and intimidation yesterday as a £132million court case was launched against them.

The billionaires – dubbed the Bling Brothers for their lavish lifestyles – were alleged to have coerced a businessman into a disastrous series of deals which saw him repay more than £37million on a £12million loan.

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WACO, Texas — Watching through a window as Baylor's Shawn Oakman approaches the restaurant door—shirtless and flanked by three unleashed bulldogs—Shorty's Pizza Shack manager Ron Brown feels a lot like the defensive end's opponents on the football field. Muscles bulge from every limb, and tattoos are graffitied across his chiseled torso."SAVAGE," one of them reads.

Tabbed by one website as the "biggest freak" in the college game, the 6'9", 275-pound Oakman sports a lime-green mohawk.

Both insist the loan was made by Christian Candy's property firm, CPC, and that he was entitled to demand the loan was repaid after Mr Holyoake allegedly defaulted on repayments.

The long-running legal dispute has forced the brothers to reveal details about their businesses and lifestyle, and several former business associates are due to give evidence about their conduct in commercial deals.

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That's what this phrase means; someone said something and you used "your woman ears" to hear it, so you got bent out of shape.Best-known for their luxury One Hyde Park development in Knightsbridge, West London, where one flat sold for £136million, the brothers were in court to hear the allegations against them, and were accompanied by bodyguards.Christian Candy, 42, has assets valued at around £1.2billion and his development company owns properties worth some £900million.Oakman chuckles about the memes and the nation's ever-growing obsession with his physique.Everywhere he goes, he feels people gawking at him like the bearded lady at the circus."Half of the people standing in front of me right now are probably scared to death," Oakman, 23, told a group of reporters at Big 12 media days last month. The picture is intimidating, so everyone who sees me assumes I'm intimidating. I just like to chill and watch movies and play with my dogs.Mark Holyoake claimed Christian Candy made aggressive threats against him and his family, saying he would 'ruin his life' and adding: 'You need to think about your pregnant wife.'Nick Candy, who is married to former Neighbours star Holly Valance, was said to have warned that his brother could sell the debt to Russians who 'would not think twice' about physical violence against Mr Holyoake and his family.