You and Harry had been dating for some time now, but he had been away for four months.

You were only together for two months before the tour started, so since you guys couldn’t go out in public together anyway, you decided to keep it a secret.

You opened it up to the main article where it talked about him having a mysterious girlfriend. There’s even some pictures of you and her,” you smiled and showed him.

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“It’s just super hard having to hide this from my friends and all.” He nodded and wiped the excess chalk the eraser left on his hands on his pants. Even though the room door was closed and it was after school hours you were both alert for lingering students or worse…teachers. He winked at you and you turned to leave the room.“I’ll text you later,” he added and you nodded your head as you left the classroom.

Dating Harry was rough but the two of you were going to make it work.

Whenever he was asked about you he would say, “she’s a great girl” or, “she’s something else.” When they straight up asked he would say, “I wouldn’t say that.” Clever you thought and appreciated that he tried his best to not lie.

The hardest part of it all was that you couldn’t tell anyone.

@Y/IG/NYou smiled at the picture and laughed at what he said.

You hadn’t even realized he’d snapped the picture of you, but you weren’t surprised.

” I smiled, “I thought you and Zayn were going out? I perched on the arm of the sofa and began playing with Harry’s hair.“We are. I playfully punched him in the shoulder, “Idiot, why didn’t you tell me?

”He sat up and rubbed his shoulder dramatically, “You’re so violent, woman! “It must have slipped my mind.”“Pfft, you’re a pain, Styles,” I chuckled, standing up.“But you love me, "He batted his eyelashes comically so I couldn’t help but laugh."We should get going,” I commented having just glanced at the Marc Jacobs watch Harry had bought me for our three year anniversary the previous month.“I hope you don’t say any horrible things about me during the interview,” Harry teased as he joined me in the hallway of our London home, slipping on his Chelsea boots. "Yeah, it’s been a while since our last tour so we’re just so eager to get back out there and sing these new songs for our amazing fans,“ Me, Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Ann nodded in agreement of Jesy’s comment."I suppose the bad thing with touring is being away from home.

” He Yelled, you actually didn’t understand anything, “h-harry what do you mean?

” You asked slightly scared that he will make a thing infront of the boy and your brother, “DON’T PLAY DUMP, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID, HE TOLD ME” he yelled, he then grabbed your arm, “harry leave me” you said, “harry man calm down” louis tried, “don’t fucking get into this, this is between me and my girlfriend” he said, then you felt another hand grabs you from harry, “hey!

I through him an mockingly annoyed look, “Harry, in your last interview you got your photo out and showed everyone a photo of me sleeping! I mean, you’re going to be in Europe and America for a lot of the year so that must be hard?