Known for her sassy remarks and tongue-in-cheek humor, she rose to prominence for her satirical comedy and stress on social taboos and controversial topics including those of racism, sexism and religion.

Interestingly, she developed a passion for comedy since a very young age.

Though she gained a major break after she was roped in as a writer and performer at ‘Saturday Night Live’, this proved to be a dismissal start as she was oust after first season.

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Before even getting into her teens, she started performing at local clubs and community theatres.

Eventually, she dropped out of the New York University to pursue a full-time career in comedy.

I'm fucking matt damon Your fucking matt damon Well I'm fucking hannah montana She's fucking hannah montana Backstage at my concert Fucks me on my parents' bed After school, at my locker In the car I give her head I'm also fucking the flava Yeah boy she's fucking flava-flav, fool You know what time it is Because I'm fucking juney too Yeah I know but it's true Flava-flav fucks me too And I swap with calvin And he swaps with that dude And were all fucking hellboy Yeah they're fucking hellboy And I'm the fucking hulk When I get really mad I start fucking iron man A most uncomfortable screw But I fuck the princess too *ding dong* Who's that ringing on my bell It's the bitch that's fucking iron man That's i-r-o-n m-a-n And I fuck him in the mouth That's fucking great because I'm fucking wolf "awhoo" He's fucking wolf ain't that a pity Because I'm fucking those bitches from sex and the city He fucks the sex and the city gals So I wonder: Would wolf really be get jealous if he knew we were fucking the guy with the big utility belt?

They're all fucking batman At wayne manor, in the batcave Butler alfred is our love slave Riddle me this Holy bathhouse I'm fucking amy whinehouse He's fucking amy whinehouse Yeah on the down low low low And I'm fucking jessica simpson Cuz I'm on blow blow blow She's fucking jessica simpson Oh yeah And I think I mite have fucked that hot assassin Everyone's fucked me And I've fucked em back you see And the mexican too With the tragic hairdo Call it, heads, I'm fucking J.

Damon references the joke at the end of the Silverman song.

The song was released in February and Silverman and Kimmel ended their five year relationship in July, but Sarah, who’s not generally known for her manners or compassion, knew who to thank in her acceptance speech.

The light is so bright slipping through the cracks Between the black out curtains and my shades I never strive to change my life I can't even convince myself to behave In situations of extreme importance Can I even spell my name? Home again I Came and went You ever wondered why I left?

[Intro] Is there a prince in this fable For a small town girl like me?

[both look at the audience] And then sometimes you gotta go back to the well.

Willenholly: I think I would recognize an ape if I saw one, okay?

The good ones are gone or not able And Matt Damon's not meant for me I never dreamed that I'd come here to become the next Jolie But I sure know there's someone Around somewhere who's meant to be [Chorus] Where are all the men in this town? Did they all run off when they knew That I was coming round, coming round? [Post-Chorus] Fresh I'm so fresh, I'm so clean Got the lips and got the skin Got the skin got that thing I'm so fresh and I'm so Fresh I'm so fresh, I'm so clean Got the lips and got the skin Got the skin got that thing I'm so fresh and I'm so [Outro] So they say It's a suicide, waiting, others say It's a suicide, waiting, yo no se It's a suicide, waiting, another day It's a suicide, waiting So decide, it's a suicide waiting, all this time It's a suicide, waiting, donde estas?