Openness and honesty is central to your contentment, try not to think too much about the exertions of work and enjoy yourself! © 2017 New Zealand City Ltd, Horoscope and Logos © 2017 third parties Law states entertainment only - NZCity and Partners disclaim all liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from the action or failure to act by any person in reliance on any information provided herein.Taurus and Cancer share one of the sweetest relationships of all.These lovers may get off to a slow start, but over time, bonds will only grow stronger.

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This site will feature articles about sagittarius relationships, advice and more.

Are you a single sagittarius and want to meet someone compatible with your sign?

Love planet Venus slips into loving Cancer on July 31, 2017! Its entry into the sign of Cancer marks a period of potentially greater intimacy ...

continued » Revolutionary planet Uranus is going retrograde on August 3, 2017, and you can take advantage of this! As the weather heats up, so does your desire to sit in the sun and sip a cool cocktail with friends.

Taurus is extreme in possessing enormous creativity causing a wonderful outlet for the stress relief they so often crave.

Ooooooh la la, are you ready for some romantic intimacy?

This may seem like a fanciful notion, but you could experience immediate relief as a result.

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Taurus feels comfortable with stability and with that comes modesty and reservation in everything they do.