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Academic integrity is taken quite seriously at Boston College and by the dean and faculty of the School of Theology and Ministry, in particular.

STM abides by the University policy on academic integrity to be found in the University Graduate Catalog.

In either country it's possible to find references to Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs or Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs. For instance, the vast majority of women who contract HPV (human papilloma virus) will not develop the resulting disease cervical cancer.

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On receipt of such a notification the Associate Dean will notify the student of the allegation and the grading penalty (if any) imposed by the faculty member.

The student will be given an opportunity to respond to the faculty member’s notification in writing.Students with questions regarding what constitutes a violation of Boston College’s Academic Integrity Policy, especially with regard to specific courses and assignments, are invited and encouraged to ask these questions of their professors and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.In the School of Theology and Ministry (STM), an Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) with both faculty and student members is to be constituted annually by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and chaired by one of the faculty members serving on the AIC.The roles and responsibilities of students, faculty, and deans with regard to promoting academic integrity can also be found in the University Graduate Catalog.STM students are strongly encouraged to become familiar with these policies and procedures, as they are held responsible for this knowledge.This could be a problem if you want to use the value in a nested loop or an included template.