The 18-year-old won gold with a sensational final-lap sprint to streak away from the competition in Berlin last month.

Britain’s Jenny Meadows took bronze in that 800m final.

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The IAAF has moved to urge caution over the report in Australia.

An official statement read: 'The IAAF can state that statements in the Australian press should be treated with caution as they are not official statements by the IAAF.'We have received the results from Germany, but they now need to be examined by a group of experts and we will not be in a position to speak to the athlete about them for at least a few weeks.'After that, depending on the results, we will meet privately with the athleteto discuss further action.'Now, the paper said, the IAAF is expected to disqualify Semenya from future events and advise an operation because the condition carries grave health risks.

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World champion 800m runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite with no womb or ovaries, an Australian newspaper has claimed.

Quoting a source close to the International Association of Athletics Federations, the Sydney Daily Telegraph said Semenya had internal testes - male sexual organs which produce testosterone and which in turn produces muscle bulk, body hair and a deep voice.

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The IAAF received Semenya's gender test results today.