Before her first birthday, Panettiere had already begun modeling and acting.

It's seems this starlet isn't too big to root for her boo, and that's rather adorable.

“Nashville” star Hayden Panettiere has reportedly reunited with ex-boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko. Panettiere was most recently romantically linked to Scotty Mc Knight, a former NFL player for the New York Jets. She’s also nominated for a Golden Globe award as Best Supporting Actress in a TV series.

She attended South Orangetown Middle School, a public school in Blauvelt, New York.

But Panettiere says that she faced considerable abuse as a Hollywood starlet trying to fit in with the rest of the kids at her public school.

If you care more about baseball than boobs, however, you might be screaming for Verlander to drop Kate like a hot rock.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may be only slightly better at throwing a football than Tim Tebow, but he's a lot better at making scandalous headlines.Hayden Leslie Panettiere was born on August 21, 1989, in Palisades, New York.Her father, Skip Panettiere, was a lieutenant in the local fire department, and her mother, Lesley Panettiere, was a soap opera actress.Early buzz is that her character is based on country starlet Taylor Swift and her co-star Connie Britton, who's playing an older musician named Rayna James, is modeled after Reba Mc Entire (who's currently starring on her ABC series, "Malibu Country").Panettiere denied any connection to the real-life singers during the Television Critics Association Press Tour on Friday.What's really amazing is how supportive this Hollywood star has been for the receiver who will now be looking for work with another team.