I am a shy, easy-going, laid back, down to earth country girl, meaning I...

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Ok if you've read my profile before, it may read a little differently than before because I got on here to add more to it and the whole thing erased so here goes my memory...

If you want to know more, just text me :) I am looking for English friends for improving my English ability. I love traveling, cooking, reading and enjoying with friends.

I love nature and I am playing tennis, badminton and volleyball.

I never really believed in any of these things but when I was losing Jackson, I needed help and somewhere to turn badly.

) represents Germany in international women's association football and is governed by the German Football Association (DFB).This is due to their shyness, not any other reason they do not approach strangers because they feel much more comfortable with their female friends from the kindergarten. But if you are really interested in one of these guys, try to be his friend first, meet several times for a coffee or a film, for example when staying at Plus Berlin hostel and stir up his interest until he can’t help but succumb to your charms…More of my ultimate guide to flirting on the road info or even sex when traveling can be found here.PS: if you want to learn from my mistakes, read about the one thing I’ve learned from my relationships with guys…Alex is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life.They are also the only nation to have won both the men's and women's tournament.The team has won eight of the twelve UEFA European Championships, claiming six consecutive titles between 19.After years on the road and health courses around the world, as a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach I finally found out how to be fit (not only) when traveling.