“Right around when the economy couldn’t have been worse, this group was paying good money to set up their own equipment in the studio space and stream live. “So I got on the horn and called my old radio friends, and the next thing you know, I looked up and we had 13 shows, then 27.

Undisturbed by the forces of gentrification reshaping other stretches of Georgia Avenue, the building houses Listen Vision, a full-service recording studio. They all benefited from the company’s services — recording, mixing, mastering, photography, graphic design and digital distribution — in one way or another. Entering the studio you are greeted by the neon “on-air” and “hot beats” signs of the broadcast room, the focal point for the online station WLVS Radio.

It’s only been in this location since 2006, but Listen Vision has already played a key role in D. A ‘beautiful mistake’ While aspiring young MCs and hopeful musicians still put their dreams in the hands of Listen Vision’s recording booths, the business is now split 50-50 by WLVS. But unlike podcasting and traditional radio, WLVS has a visual component.

Prior to the UAE's formation, the British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBC) had a local FM radio studio here.

It ran syndicated entertainment programmes and read news about the command to it garrisons stationed in the then Trucial States.

As of February 2014, independent radio stations in the UAE include 7 each in English and Hindi, 12 Arabic, 4 Malayalam, and one each in Tamil, Tagalog, Russian and Persian.

Internet filtering in the UAE was listed as pervasive in the social and Internet tools areas, as substantial in the political area, and as selective in the conflict/security area by the Open Net Initiative in August 2009.

However, due to geographical distribution of service areas, the companies do not compete for customers and thus effectively operate as monopolies.

Radio has been around for more than 60 years in the UAE.

Directly across from the entrance to Howard University, a series of small businesses lines a strip of Georgia Avenue. over the last decade, and Listen Vision deserves part of the credit for that.