The main character, Naughty Bear, is a shabby teddy bear who has a tendency to be mischievous, which earns him the dislike of the other bears.Like the other teddy bears, he does not speak that much but instead conveys his emotions through a variety of sounds and facial expressions.

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He said she would however have to backtrack on some of the “extremely stupid” things she had been saying during the campaign.

Naughty Bear is an action-adventure video game released in 2010 - 2013 for the Play Station 3, Xbox 360, and i OS.

Mr Clarke was filmed having a conversation in front of a camera in the Sky News studio, apparently unaware he was being recorded.

He told former colleague Sir Malcolm Rifkind that Theresa May was a “bloody difficult woman”, that Michael Gove was so right-wing he would likely start wars with “at least three countries” and that he did not really think Andrea Leadsom wanted to leave the EU.

She’s alright, I get on alright with her, and she’s good. “The thing I don’t know is she’s been at the Home Office for far too long, so I only know on detail what her views are on the Home Office.

She doesn’t know much about foreign affairs.” Mr Clarke said he was not concerned by Ms Leadsom, arguing that she had only backed leaving the EU to give her a better chance in the Tory leadership contest. Get a reminder to come back to email closer to Christmas!Former Tory Cabinet minister Ken Clarke has been caught on camera ridiculing the candidates for the Conservative leadership contest. He didn't let me talk or ask for what I want for Christmas! I also wished you could add a reason of call for touched their magic elf. All the answers are I'll think about it or I'm not sure.If you like all of the above, find your favourite thing to photograph and focus on that first – then you’ll know what to buy. Getting realistic about your budget will help you narrow down the options.