But for those of us who have chosen to take a more mindful and patient path, the long days, months and even years of feeling like a refugee can hurt the soul.No doubt you will return to some form of normalcy within the confines of your new world, but in the meantime how do you deal with the feelings of being an outcast, third wheel, or fish out of water?

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It's easy to buy into the fact that being married and living that life is the ultimate goal for everyone, and that we should all aspire to that destiny.

Since you've been let out of the constricted view that most other people still hold of marriage, you can take the opportunity to shift who you are.

But now that I’ve left the church and am dating in the “real world,” has this set me back? I’m terrified of this new dating scene because everyone is filled with experience and knowledge that I lack. Will I send the man of my dreams running for the hills? The longer I wait, the more embarrassing it becomes.

I believe I was warped from the time I was a young child, and I am giving Walt Disney part of the blame!

Meanwhile, POF’s chief competitor is a veritable whale by comparison: New York-based IAC owns popular sites Ok Cupid and Match.com, the online dating leader in terms of revenue, and now Tinder.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry more upended by the mobile revolution than online dating, and like that first fish out of water, POF will need to evolve to survive.

Finding a husband seemed to preoccupy everyone around me.

I remember inviting my roommate to the ward Halloween activity, to which she responded, “Why would I go to that? I put my head in my books and did what I came to do…I got my degree. Later I moved on to the dating scene of a popular singles ward in the Bay Area…in many ways, it seemed to be the polar opposite of the Y.

Or more than tripled: five years ago, POF counted just three people on its payroll, while today the company employs 80.