To inquiry about services, please contact [email protected]'s facilitation approach has created space for me to dig deep for understanding the inequities in society, and to tap into my gifts to contribute to our community healing and justice efforts.

These shifts are calling for us to interact with each other in new ways. With more than 15 years experience in the field, she brings a balance of heart and rigor to her consulting in group facilitation, program design, and transformative methodology.

Nieto-Rodriguez: I believe that one of the main reasons that many companies fail is due to a lack of mature portfolio management practices. It is well know that they developed the technology for the smart phones earlier than most of their competitors, yet they decided not to launch projects in this field and focus on exploiting the success of their existing products.

With the right portfolio management process and an execution mindset in place, I am convinced Nokia would be still one of the leading telecom operators in the world.

What if, instead of nursing all that anger, you do something radically different?

How can you channel that angry energy into something that can work in your favor?

This objective is of particular relevance in a moment where most economies look to stimulate their exports and economic growth.

In spite of the great strides made in recent decades in facilitating tourist travel in many regions of the world, there is still room for considerable progress, namely considering the possibilities to maximize the use of information and communication technologies in improving visa procedures.If you are indeed angry, you may be doing things that are making it worse for you.If you are frustrated and angry with women, you are even less likely to attract a woman you are interested in. And they are clarifying how imperative it is that we learn how to be in community again, in mutually beneficial, collaborative, trusting relationships with one another. is working to create a thriving culture of participation in which communities work together to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges provides essential tools, techniques, and strategy to educators, organizers, service-providers, managers, and community leaders looking to revolutionize engagement and deepen their own facilitative leadership. González creates transformational teaching and learning experiences that foster deep participation, critical inquiry, and the capacity of individuals and groups to effectively address complex challenges.Rosa is an incredible trainer and facilitator who combines skill and soul to create a transformative learning community at her trainings.Rosa also contextualizes subjects and learning in history and systemic realities so that we can feel the impact of what we are learning and be able to apply it on our lives.