Hey there, Little Dead Rotting Hood, you sure are looking good.

But even though the Emmy winning actor is all set to complete two decades of his marriage with Holden, he is still plagued by gay rumors.

The talented actor played the role of Manhattan based gay lawyer in one of the television’s most successful sitcom ‘Will and Grace” and now almost ten years after the end of the show, Mc Cormack is still haunted by the gay image of his character in his real life as well.

The Asylum/Cinedigm production Little Dead Rotting Hood stars Eric Balfour (“Haven,” Skyline) as a small town sheriff contending with a rash of wolf attacks.

The old woman who lived in the woods had secretly kept the wolves at bay for years, but now that she’s dead, they’re baying at the moon once more.

He met her on the set of Lonesome Dove and started dating.

The couple has been together since 1997 and they even have a son named Finnigan Holden Mc Cormack who was born on July 1, 2002.

Moreover, now that homosexuality is pretty much accepted in North America and same-sex marriage is legal in both Canada and the USA, there is no reason for him to stay in the hypothetical closet.

Mc Cormack has been rumored to be gay from a very long time and such silly and baseless rumors have created a lot of annoyance in his married life.

December, 2001: Chris stars in where he plays a hot jock. He really got buff,” she said in an interview with the sweet things Chris does for her.