"The only thing they did which was wrong, was to fall in love," says Linda Culverwell, who tells News24 that her son and Nohai got engaged on Jan. She says the Ukrainian embassy is trying to intervene, and that it sees two alternative outcomes: They could marry or be deported.Otherwise, if charged and found guilty the pair could face time behind bars.The pair, an Indian flight attendant and her cabin services supervisor, were convicted of 'coercion to commit sin' over the messages and initially sentenced to six months in jail, The National newspaper said, citing court documents.

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We are currently investigating the incident,” a spokesperson was quoted.

More than 100,000 British nationals live in the UAE which is made up of populated cities including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In a Freedom of Information request the FCO has revealed it has intervened after 28 Britons claimed they suffered mistreatment by the authorities.

Flying on Business class in an airplane comes with a lot of perks, and sipping a glass of champagne may be one of them.

However, one doesn’t expect air hostesses to pour back unused Champagne back in a bottle.

Iryna Nohai and her South African partner, Emlyn Culverwell‚ 29, have been detained without charge in Abu Dhabi since, the BBC reports.

"The South African government is aware of the case, but unfortunately cannot provide legal assistance" regarding what it says is UAE law, a rep tells News24.

"The FCO Consular Directorate is aware of allegations Consular Directorate made by 28 British nationals of torture and mistreatment in UAE prisons, police stations or detention centres between September 2011.