Anyway, can someone with better Google-fu than me provide a reliable cite that no non-Christian, or at least no atheist, has ever been allowed to join the site? My gut feeling is that it was just my downer answers, but I'm curious if it goes any deeper than that.I think e Harmony rejects people looking for homosexual relationships, which is why I would never use it.

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That seems odd, especially since they give you the option to choose among several different religions, as well as "not religious or spiritual," which I chose. Would e Harmony really make someone take the whole quiz when their fate was sealed on page 2?

If that's the case, it seems like there could be a class-action lawsuit for a collective waste of time.

To be clear, Christians are being compelled against their wills and in violation of their constitutionally protected right to religious liberty to “tolerate” ideas and positions that contradict their religious beliefs.

More so, they’re also being forced to participate in and/or contribute to those things that infringe upon their religious and theological beliefs. George recently said, religious freedom continues to be under assault by the new court-enforced establishment religion of a revolutionary, sexualized ideology.

Following a 2008 lawsuit over the failure to match gays, the company settled with New Jersey’s Civil Rights Division and agreed to launch Compatible Partners, a separate web site aimed at serving same-sex clientele; this service launched in 2009.

While e Harmony reluctantly complied, Warren still doesn’t seem sold on gay marriage. It has really damaged our company.” The decision to push the bounds of his religious beliefs was a troublesome one for Warren.“He may or may not use that means, but he can use that means.” Access to the medium that God may or may not use will cost users .99 a month for a three-month subscription.According to the Post, Christian Mingle has become the biggest of Spark Network’s 28 dating sites, which serve niche groups like Adventist singles, deaf singles, plus-size women, single parents, military personnel, and more, in part thanks to the revenue generated by JDate, “the engine behind Christian Mingle’s ‘God’ campaign.” “Spark has plowed revenue generated by the older, more established JDate into promoting the Christian site,” writes the Post’s Paul Farhi. My psychiatrist suggested that part of my effort to connect with people should include a dating site like e Harmony, mostly because she knows several married couples who met on there.So, I took their 30-minute test, after which I was greeted with: There's no opportunity to go back and change answers.“When the attorney general of the state of New Jersey decided that we had to put up a same-sex site and we did it out of counsel that if we didn’t do it we were not going to have any business in New Jersey — we literally had to hire guards to protect our lives because the people were so hurt and angry with us, were Christian people, who feel that it’s a violation to scripture,” he added.