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Sadly, Egypt suffers from a pervert problem as men randomly call numbers in search of a women’s voice to get off on.

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Al Qibla It's prayer time and you are lost in the desert landscape or concrete jungle.

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Kickin’ Addicted to shopping, but don’t want to brave terrible weather or traffic conditions?In a recently released video, in which a mob at Cairo University surrounds and hurls profanities at a female student, it is not the girl’s attire, nor the young men’s response, nor even the respected institution where the scene occurred that is striking.It is the fact that, for many, this will be the first they have heard of what can unquestionably be considered a national crisis, hopelessly sidelined following recent political upheavals.He also gave himself, and his queen Nefertiti, a sacred promotion.Queen Nefertiti was the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt. Many believe the unearthing of her likeness was staged, and that the bust, currently insured for 0 million, is one of the greatest art frauds of all time.To do so is to confuse the symptom with the disease.