Since 1967, his art and performances were at over 3000 exhibitions worldwide, including the 54th Venice Biennale.

His 'Graffiti Wall' on Queen's Road Central uses a variety of his distinctive iconographical elements and his signature English and Chinese 'sandwich font' juxtaposed with his smiling Frog logos, creating a vibrant, unique and colourful Frog King space.

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Legislators lead 6,800 in Pride Parade, undaunted by rain, from Victoria Park to Edinburgh Place in Central to demand equal rights and legislation against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Openly-gay legislator Ray Chan Chi Chuen and colleagues Alvin Yeung, Long Hair (Leung Kwok Hung) and Ferdinand Cheung lead the march.

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( French bonheur ; German Glück ; Latin felicitas ; Greek eutychia, eudaimonia ). These are questions which have much occupied the various schools of philosophy and, indeed, have exercised men who would not be willingly accused of philosophizing.

The primary meaning of this term in all the leading European languages seems to involve the notion of good fortune, good chance, good happening; but from a very early date in the history of Greek philosophy the conception became the centre of keen speculation and dispute. For happiness is necessarily amongst the most profoundly interesting subjects for all of us.

In this view happiness becomes for Plato less the reward than the inevitable concomitant of such harmony.

It is the property of the whole soul ; and the demand of any element of the soul for preferential treatment in the matter of happiness Plato would thus look upon as unreasonable.

Over a hundred from Guangdong, Guizhou and all over Mainland China join the rally.

Frog King, aka Kwok Mang-ho, is one of Hong Kong'S most iconic and dynamic artists.

Further reflection led to the view that it was given as a reward for goodness of life.