A new set of TV ads for Ashley Madison -- the notorious online dating service ("Life is short.

Have an affair") that was the target of hackers last year -- is attempting to broaden its appeal beyond people in committed relationships who are looking to stray. (Honestly, these ads may be as likely to spur sales of Tom Rosenthal's catalog as they are Ashley Madison memberships.) "The new creative is quite a departure for Ashley Madison," Rob Segal, CEO of the dating site's parent Avid Life Media, told Creativity.

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has directed a television advert for online dating website e Harmony. I’d definitely be open to doing something else if they wanted me to.” Durst is no stranger to behind the camera having previously directed the 2007 feature film in 2008.

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Below, is video of the ad that aired in the first, as well as the third inning for those with Direc TV.

It was actually the first ad that aired during the game.

Warning: This ad has a TERRIBLE jingle that may get stuck in your head and drive you to cause harm to yourself. So before really jumping into this, let’s be clear. Some sliver of ads are left to your cable or satellite provider to sell, and are often different for local markets.

Networks can typically remove these ads (once I tweeted about an ad for an NYC strip club that aired and someone from ESPN got in contact with me to get more details so they could begin the process of having it removed).

Related: The #1 Thing Men Do On A First Date That Immediately Turns Women OFF While I probably will not ask any of these guys out (because most of them live in rural New Jersey and I'm a Brooklyn girl), viewing their profiles really helped me remember the qualities I truly want in a mate.

Integrity, kindness, a desire to provide for a family he loves, and most of all, a healthy need for emotional intimacy.

While the dude who gave the world "Break Stuff" and "Nookie" doesn't seem like the most natural fit for a dating website, Durst does have a history with film.

The free dating site boasts an impressive 100,000-plus users nationwide and has a wildly popular commercial that has Americans from Biloxi to Bismark spewing the slogan 'City folks just don't get it' every day.'My friend was on there and told me about it and I thought it just narrowed it down to a type of person that I would like to spend my life with,' said Elizabeth from Alabama.

Online dating ads have become quite common on television — especially targeting sports channels — and new sites seem to pop up all the time.

Tonight’s National League Wild Card game saw an aggressive push by a new online dating site, Curves Connect.

In the end, a willingness to share those feelings is what creates a happy and secure relationship.