She’s a dating coach, body language expert and Christian singles conference speaker.As the senior dating expert for Dating, Braswell discusses every midlife dating topic, including encouraging singles to never give up on love.Gail Saltz has been called “a voice of wisdom and insight in a world of confusion and contradictions.” A relationship expert for Our and armed with a medical degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Dr.

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Please note that the questions target Christian men and women.

Dating in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond is a whole ‘nother ball game compared to dating in your 20s, and our 10 Best Midlife Dating Experts know how to play the game.

The performances are indexed by individual pieces rather than entire concerts.

The DSO was the first orchestra to produce regular webcasts of its performances, and while other symphonies have jumped into the fray with occasional broadcasts, the DSO remains the only American ensemble to offer its entire classical series on the web for free.

By Vanderbilt tradition, the Associate Dean for Students randomly selects names, and as each person receives the envelope, he or she places one dollar in a fishbowl.

The last person called gets to keep all the money as a reward for patience in the face of high anxiety.

Have you ever been at a Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert and been so enthralled by the performance that you wished you could see and hear it again? Today, the DSO is launching what it says is the country’s only on-demand archive of orchestral video performances.

Intended as a perk for donors contributing at least to the DSO’s annual fund, the Replay archive will allow listeners to watch performances drawn from the orchestra’s free, weekly high-definition webcasts dating back three years.

However, we don't want to move forward with a mystical, fairytale or unrealistic expectation, which may cause frustration for both individuals.

I have composed two lists of questions below (one for men and one for women), based on some of the conversations I have had with both dating couples and single people.

As Christians, we should be intentional and deliberate in how we date, ensuring that we protect each other's hearts and emotions.