Contrary to recent headlines, she was not "born a male" or "born a dude," and she is absolutely not "a man's worst nightmare." Of course, Chandler's story -- which she first published in a a Facebook post on Nov.

13 -- was only deemed relevant by the media days later, because she supposedly has had a relationship with Olympian Michael Phelps. Being "born a man" is a ridiculous concept to begin with. (Society then creates gender roles.) And, further, the idea of Chandler as "a man's worst nightmare" reinforces the idea that non-binary people are somehow "tricking" people.

”I’d just asked my cousin if she orgasmed enough with the guy she’d been dating for over three years now.

To understand where you stand, you need to look at some statistics regarding sexual averages.

The Journal for Sex Research provides reports on physical and sexual data of men and women in the United States.

‘After all, seasons change, so do cities; people come into your life and people go.

I want children and nice bedding, and I just can’t handle this right now.’ Charlotte York 8. And all the while bobbing up and down, moaning and trying to breathe through our noses. Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing.’ Samantha 41.

The few times he did attempt to run his reluctant fingers across my body, he’d stop after the first few minutes, letting me know it was “too hard”, and it probably wouldn’t happen.

Relationships don’t look like they used to (and that's a good thing).I am not a transsexual and I have never identified with the moniker transgender, but intersex is certainly on the spectrum of gender along with them. I have cried now for an hour, thrown up anything in my system till I dry heaved. In matters related to sexuality, there are some myths and discrepancies which may be quite misleading.Doctors advise couples to have sex at least once a week for women to stay healthy.Sex and the City gave us some of the best quotes about fashion, sex, love and friendship. has taught us anything, it's that relationships are messy.