The first point of interest is the largest dry lake bed in Arizona - 200 square mile Willcox Playa, a National Natural Landmark, best viewed by driving south on US 191 a few miles.

This is a vast expanse of dry mud, ringed by a white band of salt deposits and completely without vegetation.

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The top corner is crossed by tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad, part of a dead straight stretch of over 20 miles.

Ten miles beyond Willcox, US 191 parts company with I-10 and heads due north, 25 miles across the very wide, empty, cacti-covered plain of the San Simon Valley to Safford, then changes in character as the road becomes narrower and winding, through the Peloncillo Mountains, which are made of dark rocks in varying forms and colors, a hint of the interesting geology that lies beneath, and reflecting increased mineralization that culminates in the historic mining town of Clifton.

It is just inconceivable.'Lord Tebbit, who served in Lady Thatcher's Cabinets from 1981 to 1987, said: 'Powell has forgotten what Thatcher did say about Europe in the House of Commons, memorably to the Delors plan – which is still the plan for Europe – and that was, 'No no no'.'In addition to paving the way for the single currency, it also handed the EU new responsibilities for a common foreign and security policy and for home and judicial affairs such as asylum and immigration.

Fears over vandalism should not prevent a statue of Margaret Thatcher being put up outside the Commons, Theresa May insisted today.

First a B-1 Bomber from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota thundered northwest to southeast over Sunset Memorial Cemetery and the crowded grave site of David Thatcher, the penultimate Doolittle Raider from World War II.

A B-25 from Seattle, of the same vintage as the one on which a 20-year-old Thatcher served as tail gunner/engineer in the famed bombing raid over Tokyo on April 18, 1942, rumbled in from the northeast.

Dawn Thatcher, right, widow of David Thatcher, and Lt. Dick Cole, now the last living Doolittle Raider, react with a hand on the heart and a salute Monday, June 27, 2016, as David Thatcher’s flag-draped casket is placed for burial at Sunset Memorial Garden Cemetery in Missoula.

Thatcher, 94, died June 22 from complications following a stroke.

The Royal Parks quango, which owns the land, also suggested the proposal should be rethought because the £300,000 statue has not received the support of Baroness Thatcher's family.