Read on for the 411 no matter your level of football love.Football, love it or hate it, has become America’s pastime.

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Ah yes, Pauline " shankly "And an ironic goal West ham 1 motherwell zero. I'm at imperial wharf I can see Michael caine's penthouse at Chelsea wharf It's raining I'm in a t shirt I have a umbrella 5 minutes from the car though Clapham junction now Busiest rail station in the world apparently My connection is 1549 platform 11Walking in 1 sec......... Six new Motherwell signings could not stop West Ham taking the lead nine minutes in when defender Lee Hodges rifled a pass from Frank Lampard from a tight angle.

Skol cup final 1987 north of England My niece is a law student at the L. But the Scottish side Motherwell equalised halfway through the second half when Owen Coyle took the chance offered by a bad back-pass from John Moncur.

If you’re not a fan, you may feel that this surging tide of shoulder pads and analysis is a menace.

It has long been my hypothesis that in most long-term relationships football has some role.

Singles are not awarded in the following situations: In all these cases the defending team is awarded possession of the ball at the 25-yard line.

In the United States, singles are not usually recognized in most leagues and were awarded only in matches played under the auspices of the National Indoor Football League and American Indoor Football Association, both now-defunct.

Well Pauline, it might not happen every week where you are, but it happens every week somewhere.

For about 20 years I lived about a mile from Oxford's old ground, and every week, (if they were playing "at home",) the shopping centre was filled with police vans, hundreds of police, usually about half a dozen "police-horses" and large gangs of drunken "supporters", grown men, behaving like baying troglodytes, and, all too often, resorting to violence.

A less sweeping proposal would see the single eliminated on punts and field goal attempts that pass out the sidelines of the end zone – such a change would eliminate the "consolation" point for a failed coffin corner attempt.