But there's loads of wisdom these lifelong couples — particularly high school sweethearts — have been keeping under their belts (or fanny packs, or mini backpacks, depending how long the relationship goes back).

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Lege: We actually first started dating in seventh grade, crazy. Mc Kay: Annie sat in front of me in eighth grade math. Lege: We are both not at UGA, he is at GCSU in Milledgeville.

I’d always thought she was cute, but I didn’t have the courage to tell her until we met again at camp that summer. It is tough at times seeing other couples walking around campus, but it makes us value our time together more on the weekends when we do get to see each other.

Both coming from close-knit families, it was difficult at first for both of us to be so far away from home.

Being able to explore a city new to us and travel through Europe together definitely helped create a strong bond in our relationship.

Emma Lege: I'm a first year intended finance major. Since we see each other only on weekends and breaks, we've learned to just enjoy quality time over quantity.

R&B: When did you and your significant other start dating? Veilands: February of our senior year of high school. We always joke about how weird it is to have classes together since we went to different high schools. It’s not always easy, but I think the distance reveals that it’s worth the effort for both of us.

I mean, if you’re not stressing out, there must be something wrong, because this is the year that you’ll likely be applying to colleges, which means you’re going to have to tighten up your GPA, beg your teachers for letters of recommendation, and, I don’t know, cry a little bit.

But on top of that, this is the end of your high school career, and whether you’ve enjoyed high school or not, you probably have a lot of things you want to do before you kiss these days goodbye.

Otherwise, you're going to have a really crappy winter vacation. But I'm telling you, if you're in a relationship by the end of senior year, it's not the worst idea in the world to let it run its course before you start college.

So many relationships that transfer from high school to relationship are dead within the first few months of college. I'm not saying that to be a hardass, I'm saying that because if your grades fall off too dramatically, your college could revoke your acceptance.

Here are seven mistakes you’ll make in your senior year of high school…unless you read this post, that is. You also have to get a jump start on those teacher recommendations; some have a cut off of how many they write, especially if they're a popular teacher.