Parents are shown how ongoing conflict harms their children and how they can co-parent more effectively.

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If you need support during your divorce, you can find local divorce support groups and access domestic violence hotlines and shelters.

You can also find additional information about all aspects of divorce, custody, starting over, plus other issues in our various divorce articles.

During the 2017 Kentucky legislative session, more than two dozen organizations, led by the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence (KCADV), supported legislation sponsored by Senator Ralph Alvarado that eliminated Kentucky’s mandatory domestic violence reporting requirement.

Current law requires that shall report, or cause a report to be made, to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Teresa Combs, who heads KSBA’s Legal and Administrative Services, believes it’s the reporting of inappropriate student contact rather than the prevalence that has increased.

Besides the legal requirement to report these cases, there has been a cultural shift, she said.

Understanding of intimate partner violence was limited and there were few resources available.

The first domestic violence program (shelter) in Kentucky did not open until 1977 in Louisville.

Sneed said while the increase was “huge” comparatively, it was small considering that there are 40,000 teachers in Kentucky.

In 2010, the board began separating reports of inappropriate relationships into sexual and nonsexual because “we started seeing more and more complaints where individuals were crossing the boundary, but not in a sexual way,” Sneed said.

If there is a finding of domestic violence, the court shall not order mediation unless requested by the victim of the alleged domestic violence and abuse, and the court finds that: (1) The victim's request is voluntary and not the result of coercion; and (2) Mediation is a realistic and viable alternative to or adjunct to the issuance of an order sought by the victim of the alleged domestic violence and abuse.