Despite the split Gabriel is still right behind Noah as he takes over from Jon Stewart in the biggest seat in world comedy.

She told Daily Mail Online that she’s ‘very supportive’ of Noah’s newfound fame and has said she couldn’t be ‘prouder’ of her ex.

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Miss Robey’s decision to speak now comes after she gave a partial account under the veil of anonymity to a regional BBC television documentary, when described as “Jill”, she outlined how she booked flights for Lucan’s elder daughter and son to Africa, where unknown to them they were seen by their father.

The account inevitably created a surge of interest in the enduring Lucan mystery, but elements were contradicted by both George Bingham, Lucan’s son, and by Lady Lucan, who said she would have known if it happened - and it did not.

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It's likely the couple talked about their relationship at this time In January it was suggested the glamorous pair was even engaged – rumors Gabriel was quick to quell on Twitter.

Dozens of intimate photos posted on their social media pages also gave the appearance of a couple very much in love.

He eventually studied medicine in Glasgow before going on to train with the London Missionary Society for a year.

He completed his medical studies at various institutions in 1840 in London, England.

Miss Robey worked for John Aspinall, the casino and zoo owner who was one of Lucan’s closest friends, from 1979 until 1985.