Ukraine as a whole is considered to be a hot favorite with western men marrying foreign brides.

The Ukrainian women dominate the international dating sites.

While in the western countries like the USA and Europe the women are already enjoying their freedom, in the rest of the world the situation is still bleak.

In Asia, Africa and even in Russia and Ukraine, the women are still considered second-class citizens.

His keen lens focuses on its mountains, its shores, its Roman ruins and towering cliffs, with a passion and delicacy that go beyond any glossy tourist brochure.

Crimea has been inhabited since about 1,000 BCE, and has since played host to an array of cultures, from the ancient Scythians to contemporary communities of Crimean Tatars, ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Jews.

However, the condition is improving and the ladies from these countries are exercising their choice in matters like choosing life partners.

Like in Crimea, the women are coming out in large numbers to join online dating sites and marrying western men.

In July, eleven politicians (mostly from the French Republican Party) went to Crimea on what was essentially a propaganda trip to convey the impression that France recognizes Crimea’s “Russian status.” In autumn, a group of Italian politicians (largely from the far-right Northern League and Brothers of Italy) traveled to Crimea to discuss the imaginary prospects of Italian investments in Ukraine.

Most of the individuals who visited Crimea in March this year are right-wing politicians, too.

The 10,400-square mile peninsula has an equally diverse geography, from the Caspian steppe to the Crimean Mountains -- not to mention the resort-studded Black Sea shoreline that has made Crimea a legendary vacation destination in the past.