Keep reading after the jump to learn more about seven American unions and how to use their label design to help date your vintage garment!This is not a complete guide to every single union label known to clothing and textile production — but it does cover the largest unions and therefore, the labels you’re most likely to see when examining the interior of your vintage garments.

“.” Christian Dior Notes: Dior couture labels are often dated with the season and the year, and the label is stamped with an identification number.

Note, however, that some boutique labels are also stamped with a number, as this alone does not denote that a garment is couture.

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Understanding how to date vintage clothing is like putting together the pieces of a giant (but gorgeous! This article will help you understand how a union label’s design speaks to the authentic age of your vintage garment or accessory.

After Dior’s death in 1958, his assistant, Yves Saint Laurent, became the head designer at Dior.

The head designers at Dior have been: 1947 -1958 – Christian Dior 1958 -1960 – Yves Saint Laurent 1960 -1989 – Marc Bohan 1989 -1996 – Gianfranco Ferré 1996 -2011 – John Galliano 2011 -2012 – Bill Gaytten 2012 -2016 – Raf Simons 2016 – Maria Grazia Chiuri The New York, London, and Boutique labels are ready-to-wear labels.

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How are designer labels able to mass produce some of their products so swiftly? Well, a lot of that is due to a little thing called cheap, exploitative labor.

Honestly, things get really complicated really quickly when it comes to a company’s ethical labor practices.

We’re living in a world of fast fashion, and to keep up with consumer demand for new trends every couple of months, clothing companies are producing more product than ever.