Take a walk in the park before dinner (she might take off her pants to play on the gym bars). I don't know whether she's fixed the code bug in the hot tub, but it seems she hasn't changed any of the "Home Run" scenes nor added any.

Take a walk in the park after dinner (she might flash her boobs to make you miss a basketball shot).

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Now, he has reached a cohesion between photography, mosaic, and dominant technological tools to create his own signature technique.

Today, the artist is on a mission to make art easily accessible to the people of Santiago. Approaching and touching, they realize they are in fact facing a mosaic. They also play with distance to appreciate the work in detail, take photos, and when the image is revealed perfect and detailed on the small screens of their smartphones, they fall for it!

Put yourself in their shoes: They want you to be happy, and what if their least favorite dress is the one you eventually pick?

Nobody wants to be that person on record as not liking the dress you get married in, because that opinion that will follow them around forever.

Here is what the artist has to say about himself: Pixel is an artist from Santiago, Chile, who started his design career when it was still hard to think that visual design will evolve towards technologies, as it prevails today.

Today, the use of technology is not only an obligation, but a responsibility, as it allows us to record our history and improve our design and artistic tools.

" environment — aka the "We will obviously be making a sale today, because whatever you need is surely in this store! Plus, when you have an audience of loved ones, there's the pressure to perform — grandma didn't fly in from the North Pole just to see you shrug at tulle for seven hours. You may try on 2-5 dresses that all look and feel fantastic, which may cause you to take your looking fantastic for granted. My family will make it VERY CLEAR which dress is the winner, and if I don't pick their choice, I'll be forced to wear a dress made of old Mc Donald's wrappers!

But I promise, if you walk out with nothing, no one is going to be mad. If I've found this many perfect dresses, you might be thinking, SURELY there is an even more perfect dress to rule over all these other perfect dresses! If there are four amazing dresses that you're torn between, it really just means that you've got four winners, and not a four-way tie for second. Which, for some of you, will definitely be the case.

Street art has been a main inspiration in Pixel’s artistic development.