In my last masters group, there was actually one person who was just learning to swim, but I think it would be hard to learn that way, because there is usually one coach for 30 or so swimmers. My group charges a fee to pay for coaching and facility use in addition to the USMS dues.Private or semi-private lessons would probably be better in that situation. When I swim on my own, I tend to just do a bunch of laps.Our group has two workouts, one for the beginners, and one for intermediates, and I am swimming with the beginners.

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So, it is highly ironic and deeply sad that my first true post is to inform you of the tragic loss of my beloved husband, Damien Gurganious.'Damien suffered from the sudden onset of a rare autoimmune disorder, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), which caused inoperable bleeding in his brain.

Damien passed away on Monday, November 24, 2014.'Paying tribute to the man she loved, she continued: 'All of you who knew Damien can attest to his generous and loving spirit, his outgoing and gregarious personality, and his caring and compassionate nature.

I have heard that swimming is not the greatest exercise for weight loss, but I think it's a great all-over strength workout, as well as a great workout for your core muscles if you do it right.

The “Biggest Loser” contestants joined Alison outside, where they discovered a bit of bad news: they’d soon say goodbye to two players!

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