Once that date has passed, there is no longer a need to keep a separate Roth IRA.

There are several good reasons for consolidating your Roth IRA accounts. You have fewer account statements to review and potentially fewer financial institutions with which to deal.

Attorney Natalie Choate advises IRA beneficiaries to do nothing until they've met with a financial adviser who can explain their options."The worst thing to do would be to cash out the plan, put it in your account, and then go see an adviser and say, 'Now what? Before that happens, learn these eight must-know secrets for handling an inherited IRA.

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You may also be able to reduce certain fees after a consolidation.

Also, a larger account with one financial institution usually gets you a better level of service than several smaller accounts with different institutions.

The move can reduce your own headaches at tax time, possibly allow you to qualify for lower investment costs and simplify the process of rebalancing your asset allocation. Rolling a 401k into an IRA can be done, and you can consolidate traditional IRAs held at different financial institutions.

If you have Roth IRAs at different companies, those can be merged.

In the case of a Roth IRA, earnings accumulate tax-free.

One slip-up by the beneficiary, or even by the benefactor before death, and that tax gem can be lost forever.

That has included defined benefit plans, 401k's, TSP's, 403b's and Keough plans.

The paperwork alone was cumbersome, and consolidating has made tremendous sense., Rollover IRAs Offer a Wide Range of Benefits, 7 Things To Know About The 2010 Roth IRA Conversion The following is a common scenario involving a worker (Patrick) who has changed jobs several times throughout his career.

Nonspouse beneficiaries have two options for liquidating the account: The stretch IRA is the tax equivalent of the treasure at the end of the rainbow.