In even the most close-knit communities, it seems the affairs of an HOA are easier to maintain and more effective when managed by an outside third party. Since 1991, we have provided assistance to over 250 HOAs throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.Over the years our satisfied customers have affirmed the benefits of working with a professional Charlotte community association management firm.

Mare Stare is a family — a community of cam owners and viewers who help each other share the miracle of birth.

The camera owners graciously put their foaling barns on line for the world to see.

From historic Dilworth and stately Myers Park to bustling Ballantyne and Southpark, our Community Specialists are experienced in the ins and outs of HOA management.

Here's a quick look at just a few of the ways in which Community Association Management Services (CAMS) can provide assistance to your greater Charlotte neighborhood's homeowners association (HOA).

We take pride in assisting our neighborhood HOAs with a variety of all-too familiar situations, including: Again, this is only a brief explanation of the many ways that CAMS can support your greater Charlotte HOA.

We encourage you to visit our website, give us a call and please read the reviews from our satisfied clients.Learn More While most communities have a long-established pet policy, it's important to know that the same rules don't apply to service animals, sometimes referred to as assistance animals.Considering the standards for service animals are different than regular pets, here are some general things to consider when dealing with service animals.CAMS' strength is in the wealth of knowledge and experience our dedicated team of employees bring to each client.Our community management team is made up of local people that specialize in a range of areas from homeowner, property and condo association management to high-rise, mixed use and lifestyle communities.Even if you don't breed horses or other animals, there are many advantages to having a live barn camera.