After this appearance, fans swarmed weibo and dropped some amazingly sweet commentary on this very long-lasting friendship that makes their fans both happy for them and sad it never could be.Huang Xiaoming now has also gotten a new moniker – Real Life Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen’s BFF character from .Angelababy was out promoting a jewelry line with Godfrey Gao this week and was asked about her boyfriend’s very public love for Zhao Wei. When the host announced a very special surprise guest, Zhao Wei saw Huang Xiaoming before the audience did and she yelped out loud and leapt out of her seat.

Huang Xiao Ming arrive on crutches since he injured his foot filming and he actually tossed the crutches aside and picked Zhao Wei up for a princess carry that made the audience go crazy.

Might I point out that Huang Xiaoming has been dating Angelababy for the last 3 years while Zhao Wei is married to a private citizen Mr. But these two have never shied away from PDA in public, though of the cheeky chaste kind.

The Influential Teacher: Xie Jin After Vicki graduated from high school in 1994, she attended the Xie Jin Film & Television Art College at Shanghai Normal University.

That same year, she landed her first lead role in the movie Penitentiary Angel , which was directed by Xie Jin (謝晉), the president and eponym of the college.

while many friends gave her encouragements on Weibo.

Chen Kun’s congratulations was noticeably missing, leading to speculations that the two had a fallen out, with Zhou Xun (周迅) being the catalyst.Vicki and Chen Kun’s Once Close Friendship Vicki became friends with Chen Kun shortly after she joined the Beijing Film Academy in 1996.When Vicki was plagued with rumors about her personal life in 2007, Chen Kun stepped forward to be her personal spokesperson.Vicki Zhao (趙薇), who recently celebrated her 37th birthday, has long enjoyed the fame and happiness of being one of mainland China’s most successful actresses.On April 26, her directorial debut film, So Young , will open in theaters, adding another achievement to her distinguished career.Of course this doesn’t even tap into her other BFF friendship with Chen Kun, who was actually the first person to publicly wish her happy birthday this year when at exactly midnight he posted a wish on her Weibo.