The demo shows how users can effortessly edit and select dates in the calendar.

Combine date editing functionality and animated dropdown in a j Query Date Picker widget for your web application.

Once the files are uploaded, you can either return the data, as I do, or just halt processing.

Ok, let's quickly review the code (I have to get back to work).

Since R2 2017 the Date Picker can use Date Input as a default input.

The second Date Picker in the example is configured to use Date Input.

If you also want to re-enable delete confirmation dialog in Windows 8, following steps will help you: 1. It'll re-enable the confirmation dialog box and now Windows will always ask for your confirmation before moving a file or folder to Recycle Bin.

Right-click on Recycle Bin icon on Desktop and select Properties. Now enable "Display delete confirmation dialog" option and apply the changes. UPDATE: A few readers have reported that the above mentioned option "Display delete confirmation dialog" is grayed out in their Windows.

Here is our XHTML page with the Cold Fusion and AJAX demo upload form: Very simple HTML form.

What you will notice is that our FORM tag does not have any attributes.

I am working on ERP level projects which is build on Cold Fusion and we have heavily used Cold Fusion inbuilt AJAX funtionality, everybody knows that CF use EXTJS for their new ajax component and my favorites are cfgrid, cflayout.

But what CF is provide is not always sufficient for client specially working with large project.

This grid contains data that is bound via a cfc file and it seems to work for certain people and myself.