The Palins, they say, have slept in separate bedrooms for years now.

He toured with Al Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and Slide Hampton and His World of Trombones, and starred on Broadway as an on-stage musician in Five Guys Named Moe, which was nominated for two Tony awards.

Along the way, Royal wrote and acted in , the first play featuring an entire cast of jazz musicians, which debuted at the 2004 New York Jazz Festival.

While there, the 28-year old Royal and a small group of other musicians from the orchestra went into a fast food joint near the airport for a bite to eat.

“I saw a great looking young lady and, as lots of traveling musicians do, I struck up a conversation with her,” Royal recounted to me after my original piece on Palin was published.

READ: Bristol Palin's Pregnancy Announcement They called off the Kentucky nuptials a week before they were set to walk down the aisle.

A Wasilla, AK source revealed, “[Bristol] told people that she broke up with Dakota partly because he was super controlling and made her move to Kentucky.” Palin did sell her home in Wasilla before the wedding, but has since purchased a smaller pad just outside of town.It turns out the daddy is her ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer, according to Radar Bristol and Dakota got engaged in March, and planned to wed on May 23.In politics, where hypocrisy abounds, Palin is a standout when it comes to being everything she rants and raves against.The self-styled defender of family values is a female Bill Clinton: Someone who sleeps around.Bristol Palin's newest baby daddy is one smart cookie, because he just beat her to the punch by telling the family law judge exactly how much he can afford in the child support department.