Breasts that give in to gravity are said to be due to old age, motherhood, or, you know, being a woman who’s committed the grave sin of not keeping it tight.

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During her sit down, the Georgia native said that staying trim is no easy feat as she is 'working every day' to make the right choices.

June revealed on Friday's episode of From Not To Hot that she had her boobs done.

Meanwhile, if your bras are too tight, your breasts will be pressed up against your body and will look much smaller and flatter than they actually are.

To make sure that your bras are just right, go for a professional fitting in your favorite lingerie store. Make your waist look slimmer If you ensure that your waist looks narrow and slender, your bust will appear larger by contrast.

Mama June Shannon treated herself to a boob job after losing 300lbs last year thanks to $75,000 worth of weight loss surgery and a change in lifestyle.

And on Tuesday the 37-year-old From Not To Hot star showed off her new chest as she went bra-free in a thin purple shirt as she headed into Good Morning America in NYC with daughter Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson.

As a bonus, fixing your posture will help to reduce back, head and neck aches. know your own bra size, but it is surprising just how many women are wrong about their measurements.

If you are wearing bras that are too large, your breasts may sag and the excess material will create a strange bust shape.

It will already be a challenging enough undertaking for all of them – but, having done a couple of marathons myself, I can't help but feel a particular sympathy for anyone making the attempt who is over a D cup.