The couple was reportedly attracted to each other due to their mutual hobbies and interests.Joo Won, 29, and Bo A, 30, both enjoy golf and mountain hiking.

Bo A began her training around 1998, and debuted in 2000.

Yunho on the other hand was recruited in 2001 and debuted in 2003.

According to the reports on local Korean media, actor Joo Won and singer-actor Bo A have been dating for more than a year after meeting at a friend's gathering.

Joo Won's agency Huayi Brothers also confirmed the news.

Hopefully, that will be the case for Bo A and Joo Won.

As , Joo Won’s agency, The Huayi Brothers, were the first to confirm the rumors of the relationship.The two reportedly enjoy several similar hobbies, and "are a pleasant couple who care for each other and are careful of their relationship.They are a couple envied by everyone around them," said one insider. She has worked hard and deserves all the love and respect and admiration there is.“Many around them are envious of the couple.” The two Hallyu entertainers have reportedly been dating since last year and met at an industry event.They reportedly have a lot of stuff in common including a love for a healthy, active lifestyle and outdoor activities like hiking and golf. According to , there’s also some speculation that TVXQ’s Yunho may have been the matchmaker that brought Joo Won and Bo A together.They’ve known each other for over a decade, and their fans have come to love and appreciate these tender moments of friendship between these two seasoned Kpop stars.