It's exciting, but remember, you don't actually know this person, so it's only sensible to set some ground rules - particularly in light of reports this week that a woman was abducted and raped on Dublin's M50 by a man she met via the mobile matchmaking app Tinder.

"There are genuine people seeking romance via social media," says counsellor and relationship therapist Mary Kenny.

Abisi Danny’nin hala kızlara karşı utangaçlığı olduğunu öğrenince ona bir sürü kız ayarlar fakat Danny Hintli bir kıza aşık olur.

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Danny görme engelli olmasına rağmen hayattan zevk almasını bilir.

Presumably there's a deleted scene where Danny traipses around in a park after a sudden shower to the sounds of a certain Jimmy Cliff classic.

woefully shifting tone frequently severs the audience's involvement with the storyline.

has spent the last couple of years languishing in a vault awaiting a release on these magnificent shores.

A lightbulb must have materialised above a studio mogul's head when the movie's then-unknown star Chris Pine recently shot to prominence as James Kirk in J. Abrams's to show us that there was life before Tiberius.

Not that he’s letting that hold him back—for the most part, Danny refuses to let his visual impairment get in the way of anything.