Somehow I find it hard to believe that God would want us to divorce each other and return to our previous spouses. Others seem to go to great lengths to find ways to dismiss what the Bible teaches, explaining it away as though it's no longer relevant. Scripture is clear that God hates divorce, that he considers the marriage vow a sacred covenant.

From what we can tell, a lot depends on the circumstances and the attitudes of those involved.

The Scriptures seem to say those who take marriage lightly, divorcing for frivolous reasons (such as to pursue unbridled passion) will be held accountable.

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The Bible says "Let us love one another, for love comes from God.

Even so, there is a distinction between the way Scripture treats the sins of unbelievers and the sins of Christians.

There's a difference between sins we unknowingly committed before we met Christ (which can't be undone and are covered by the blood of Jesus), and sins we knowingly commit after we become Christians (which are certainly still covered by the blood of Jesus but may indicate a need for spiritual correction or discipline and accountability).

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Let’s see how God defines marriage and why it would be wrong to live together before getting married.