Businesses benefit from offering incentive stock options in a number of ways.

First, incentive stock options may attract talented professionals to work for the company.

This is how psychologists like Gilbert refer to the mind’s uncanny ability to make us feel good about our decisions.

Once we’ve committed to a course of action, we stop thinking about alternatives.

They believe it’s better to “keep your options open,” whenever possible.

They wait years before declaring a major, date someone for years before getting married, favor stores with a guaranteed return policy (think ), and hire employees on a temporary basis (or use probationary periods), all in order to avoid commitments that can be difficult, or nearly impossible, to un-do. Research by Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert, author of levels of satisfaction than irreversible ones.

As long as the employee owns the stock for at least one year from the date the employee exercised the option and for at least two years from the date the option was granted then the employee need only pay long term capital gain tax on the profit when the shares are sold.

Long term capital gain tax is lower than ordinary income tax and the employee, thereby, pays less in taxes.Analysts expected Match, whose growth driver has been mobile app Tinder, to report earnings of 19 cents on sales of 6 million for the period ended June 30.Match Group also runs other dating sites After just-issued earnings resulted in a gap-down for Google-parent Alphabet (GOOGL) and a new high for Facebook (FB) this past week, upcoming quarterly reports, headlined by Apple (AAPL), could make for some interesting stock action.People believe that this is the best way to ensure their own happiness and success. In other words, we are significantly less happy with our choices when we can back out of them.(For example, in one of Gilbert’s studies, people were asked to choose an art poster that they could keep.(Commodity options had long been banned after bad experiences with them dating back to the 1930s).