The South Australian Cabinet approved the projections and endorsed their use by State agencies on 10 August 2015.

Age by sex projections are produced for the 127 statistical local areas, 70 local government areas and 12 South Australian government regions in the State.

The District Court is an intermediate trial court placing it between the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court in the Western Australian courts hierarchy.

The District Court deals with serious criminal offences including serious assaults, sexual assaults, serious fraud and commercial theft, burglary and drug offences.

School balls, Leavers Week and graduation are often the highlights of secondary school years.

Some young people view these events as a kind of 'rite of passage' occasion involving 'breakout' or first time experiences with sex, alcohol and other drugs.

A new web portal aimed at making it easier for UNSW students or staff to report sexual assault and sexual harassment, and find and navigate information on available support services was launched this week at UNSW.

The Sexual Assault, Harassment & Misconduct portal was launched by the University’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Jacobs, who stressed the importance of having an easily accessible and dedicated reporting point for the UNSW community to report sexual misconduct issues.The following types of activities are not uncommon on such occasions: For further details about drink spiking, polydrug use, key messages for young people on resisting peer group pressure and staying safe using alcohol and other drugs see the Drug Aware and Drug and Alcohol Office websites. The diversity of human sexual behaviour has been researched and documented over many years.We hope you find the site interesting and informative.Update e Lodgment for District Court e Lodgment is now up and running and available for the lodgement of documents once again.They are aggregated by five-year age groups for five-year intervals over the period 2011-2031.