On the show, she plays the “straight man” to co-star Ilana Glazer’s zanier, and more sexually fluid, character.

Though one staffer told me that her “gaydar always pinged like crazy” for Jacobson, this is the first time she’s been rumored to be romantically linked with a woman.

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If Carrie Brownstein were your girlfriend, she’d make up little songs about whatever she was doing around the house, like “The Scrambled Eggs Blues” or “Gotta Get A New Vacuum.” Sometimes she’d even make up a dance to go with the song, throwing in one of those awesome power kicks.

She’d toss the songs off like they were nothing, but they’d be super catchy and you’d find yourself humming them days later while making a sandwich, and she’d notice and you’d both laugh.

That woman is Carrie Brownstein, one-time member of the band Sleater-Kinney, current star of The players: Rosie O’Donnell has been part of the national discourse lately because Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is mad at her for something she said 10 years ago and won’t let it go.

Wednesday night, a new development: The context: Political.

Brownstein’s not unusually short, but she is legit petite and low-key. As we chat, seated on a mustard-colored vintage couch at the photo studio, there’s a thoughtfulness to all of her answers. [But maybe you can] superimpose Janet and Corin next to me? A., Airbnb-ing a house in Laurel Canyon with one of her two dogs (the less adaptable one stayed home in Portland with her house sitter) while writing season five, which will premiere early next year.

She is quick to smile but more reserved with her laughter, even when she’s exercising her signature wit, which she does when we talk about her cover (“I’m so psyched, it’s like a bucket list thing. ”), her happiness over finally giving up on reading the entire literary canon (“I’m like, ‘Wait, I can read Silk navy top by Wren, wrenstudio.com; Silk pattern skirt by Gemy Maalouf, gemymaalouf.com; Bracelet by Erickson Beamon, net-a-porter.com; Faux leather cut-out heel by Delta by Heart Soul, bracelet, Carrie’s ownpremiered in January 2011—“Put a bird on it,” from a sketch about avian trends in handcrafted DIY décor, quickly became one of the year’s most oft-repeated catchphrases—and its popularity has increased exponentially. (’s production takes place in its titular town, but all of the writers live in Los Angeles, a testament to the show’s humor having roots in a mindset rather than a specific location.) “I can’t believe it’s season five, that just seems so surreal.

From riot grrrl trailblazer in the band Sleater-Kinney to sketch comedy genius on Portlandia, Carrie Brownstein has been cranking out pop culture gems since 1994.

Here, the Jill-of-all-trades opens up about fame, Fred, and driving traffic to her fave feminist bookstore.

Is Schilling taking a cue from her queer character, Piper Chapman, on who is also about the lady loving? Read on to find out the who’s who of queers in Hollywood. Vincent (Annie Clark) The ultra talented musician is tight lipped about her personal life, but that didn’t stop her from flaunting her brief romance with Brit model, Cara Delevingne, all over Instagram.