You made your partner stop and vowed never to go "back" there again.

Anal sex chats-22

(OK, anal sex is also not like sushi in practically every other way, but that is not our concern today.) Whether you're new to it or whether it's been on the menu for ages, here are some positions to try, arranged from most entry-level vanilla to more advanced undertakings.

But do remember the Anal Safety Rules that you (*sigh*) never learned in school: Use buckets of lube and a condom, no switching from back hole to front hole, and if anything hurts, have him stop, so you can relax and figure out whether you want to proceed.

: Is there a polite way to ask the neighbors if they can take down their Christmas decorations?

They put them up the first day of November and neighbors told me that last year they were lit up at night until mid-June.

Have him talk you through it, go slowly and all that, but what's going to make this work for you is the buzzy vibrator you're gonna put between your legs.

If the vibrator does its job — and it will — you will realize anal is not something you "should try once" but can actually feel pretty incredible.

Apparently Peggy deviated from our pre-arranged curriculum and went into some detail about things like anal sex, flavored condoms, pleasure points, and so on.

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We offer anal toys to satisfy all couples, as well as those who want to introduce anal play to their solo sex.