About 10 days before he committed the single largest shooting massacre in modern U. Forty-nine people were killed, and more than 50 were injured.

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I mean, they started looking for ways to eliminate jobs.

In my case, in my department, they actually offered to buy our jobs out from underneath us. You know, the working environment just wasn’t as good as it should be.

“It’s a sweet little gun,” Martin Bryant said of his AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle when being interrogated by police.

Twenty years ago, on April 28, 1996, Martin took that gun and committed a massacre in the Australian state of Tasmania.

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Joe Soptic, the employee, has been in the news as of late due to an ad he made for the Obama-backed Super PAC Priorities USA. Soptic says his wife died of cancer because he was laid off and no longer had health insurance. AMY GOODMAN: Joining us now from Kansas City is Joe Soptic, former steelworker at Worldwide Grinding Systems, who has lost his job after a declared bankruptcy under Bain’s control.

However, not mentioned in the ad is that his wife found out she had cancer nearly five years after his departure from the plant. He’s speaking to us from Kansas City’s PBS station KCPT. JOE SOPTIC: Well, I guess the first thing I noticed after the company was bought out by GST, they became very union-non-friendly.

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