In the event ground bases are destroyed, the "doomsday" plane acts as the command and control hub for the president, secretary of defense and joint chiefs. "There is no impact to the E-4B's primary mission, so it remains capable of completing its National Airborne Operations Center," Air Force spokesman Col. Eight RC-135 reconnaissance aircrafts were also damaged by the tornado and six have since been returned to mission-capable status.Not because the 21-year-old was once in the choir at her home church, but because her imprints were markedly on the walls of the small room she had shared with her sisters.

She was always looking out for her family and friends,” one of her elder sisters, Kehinde, told on Thursday night.

Sadly, last Sunday morning, thousand of miles away from her family home in Badagry; the young lady had no one to watch her back when her alleged boyfriend, a fellow non-commissioned NAF officer, identified as , shot her dead.

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Nineteen B-2s are currently based at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., home of the 509th Bomb Wing, while one aircraft is assigned to flight testing at Edwards AFB, California to validate software and weapon systems upgrades.

Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

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The new bomber is a high Air Force priority because the oldest ones in its fleet — the venerable B-52s — have far outlived their expected service life.

Even the newest — the B-2 stealth bombers (pictured) — having been flying for more than two decades Industry news reports say that while the new plane's specific capabilities are highly secret, it likely will be equipped with high-tech communications gear and other electronics that would allow it to perform a variety of missions, not just dropping bombs. Air Force general, has urged the Air Force to name Northrop's suppliers to shore up support in Congress, and avoid a re-run of the B-2 bomber program, which was scaled back from 132 planes to just 21, which drove the price of each plane sharply higher.

The X-37B is too small to carry people onboard, but does have a cargo bay similar to that of a pickup truck, which is just large enough to carry a small satellite The US Air Force's top secret X-37B space plane was caught on camera last year by a team of amateur astronomers.