You could completely destroy your data if you are not careful so create full backups of everything before you begin. Additionally, you shouldn't assume that I've done anything the "right" way - this process was created through trial and error, not an expert knowledge of the software or processes in question.Here's what you need: To clarify the above, I believe this is more likely to be a success with Vista or 7 because of their image based install process - a generic image is copied to the hard drive and then customised for your system.Another frequently asked question is, "What does Darth Vader do inside of that egg of his? When the Dark Lord of the Sith isn't helping rule our galaxy with a cyborg fist, he's turning the Grid to the Dark Side.

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One thing we get asked all the time here in the PR Department is, "Why did you blow up my planet?

" The answer is that there are complex geopolitical and socioeconomic considerations that-- LOOK, A WOOKIEE IN A BIKINI! Here's artist Roderique Arisiaman's impression of Darth Vader's TRON avatar.

Get your facts straight before you ask a question next time, hypothetical question asker person we just made up.

Normally to install Windows on a Macbook Air through Boot Camp, you require an external Super Drive.

Orgasm then entered the English language in the early 18th century to refer to female sexual climax.

By the 20th century, orgasm was used to refer to both male and female sexual climaxes.

Contrary to popular belief, the true etymology of orgasm is unrelated to the origin of the terms organ, organism or orgy.

The etymology of orgasm reaches far back into our shared linguistic history in the Protoo-Indo-European base of .

Additionally, I'll note that although Apple states that only 32-bit operating systems are supported, I have used 64-bit Windows 7 with no problems. If you don't have it already, you should download and install Parallels now.