We vary between Opulent Old European to Boutique Algonquin Style.

Come and experience very spacious accommodations with Jacuzzi's, Wood Burning Fireplaces, Hot Tubs and so much more.

Indulge in adventure with year-round activities in the serene surroundings of Algonquin Park & its lakes. Here you will have time for each other without interruption; quality time with special meaning.

She learned to spell by e-mailing with friends; she uses math concepts while cooking dinner.

Everything she knows has been absorbed "organically," according to her dad, Dr. She's not just on summer break -- this is her life year round as an at-home unschooler.

Deaf Learn Now is a tuition free, online program run by George Brown College.

If you live outside of Ontario and would like more information about the program, email Sonia.

You will be contacted to confirm your eligibility for the group.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, feel free to register for group events.

She has no schedule to follow, no lessons to complete.

She spends her time watching TV, doing arts and crafts or practicing the piano.

If you have attended YASG events in the past, you may register for this event. Due to space and safety limitations, if you do not register for this event you will not be permitted to enter.

A Rustic 5-STAR Boutique Luxury Resort, where rooms and cottages are designed individually.

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