• Take a trip to the highest point on the United States East Coast and see the wonders that the Atlantic coastline has to offer.

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This term has a long history dating back over two hundred years when large schooners, filled with goods on their way back to England or elsewhere in Europe, had to sail down wind to the east from the larger population centers like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York - hence, Down East.

While visiting, you will often hear the tell-tail sound of a “Mainer” speaking with that special Down East accent where the “r” sound is being dropped.

Each year, I’d make a note of the MNSpec members-to-public ratio.

I’d assumed that if twelve authors were put onstage at an event, that we’d have an audience full of their friends, their family, their fans. Problem #1 – I was relying solely on people appearing in the event to handle the event promotion.

America houses some of the most beautiful parks and monuments in the world, and they are right here at our fingertips.

This summer, if you’re looking for some adventure, try out these national park road trip ideas!I called it “speed dating for speculative fiction.” And for three years, it was awesome.But for three years, it didn’t really grow, and it didn’t really extend outside the MNSpec group.Part of Hancock County, it is the best known town on Mount Desert Island with an approximate population of 5,235 (per year 2010 census) and 28,800 scenic acres.Included within the municipality are the villages of Hulls Cove, Salisbury Cove, and Town Hill, as is a large portion of Acadia National Park.Historically, it is the first eastern national park.