In this case, you're really just being more specific about the blunt object.May seem like a soft insult, but do like being compared to leafy vegetables? It's all fun and games until someone drops a G-bomb.You may not have noticed, but more books have been written about Charlemagne than say, Carrot Top.

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In what is fast becoming an annual thing here at SN, we present our idiot's guide to filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket, with 16 sweet tips. Upsets happen, just not late in the tournament when most of the points are at stake. This year's group is Mount Saint Mary's, New Orleans, Providence, Southern California, North Carolina Central, UC Davis, Kansas State and Wake Forest. MORE: Everything you need to know about the First Four 11.

Except for that one time George Mason got to the Final Four . If the last thing you remember about the NCAA Tournament is DUNK CITY (pat. Florida Gulf Coast (aka Dunk City) is playing this year. When it comes to your bracket, the race isn't to the swift.

If you must use a pet exotic animal to make picks (props to you for being bold), be creative (and careful) if you plan to post the results to Insta or You Tube.

The smart play is to predict no chaos after the second weekend. If you're going to pick teams based on uniform color (we won't judge), blue is the best choice. Arizona, Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina and UCLA are all capable of wearing the crown this year; they all wear blue. MORE: How to pick an national champion using defensive ratings 8.

Most often used as a term of endearment, we like to remind our nearest and dearest of their lack of intelligence. Usually used in disbelief, when someone demonstrates such a lack of wit that you momentarily believe they might be a hollow musical instrument.

Much like dope, this is often used as a term of endearment, though it can be made serious adding 'feck' to the sentence. A variation of the international insult 'tool', which compares a person to a blunt object.

Perhaps it's not been since time immemorial, but whoever it was that royally flubbed it up first either isn't telling, or you're all just too embarrassed to admit when it was that it first happened exactly, so it's easier to just not talk about it and discuss sport instead.

As an unwritten rule, men only like to talk about other great men.

Ireland is full of colourful terminology of our own making.

We've so many words for idiot across our little island that you mightn't recognise them all, or even know just how insulting each word may be.

It is a year rich in historical anniversaries, including those of the battles of Agincourt (1415) and Waterloo (1815).